in partnership with
to bring sustainability to childen toys


The fabrics

are supplied Hung YenKnitting & Dyeing are selvedges, scraps, waste from production.
off different collections,
off different color palettes & design.
are water resistant,
make stains easier to be washed off and dried.
meet Oeko Tex 100 standard

The fillings

are 100% recycled cotton
meet Global Recycled Standard

Our toys

are more durable than traditional materials,
machine washable.

Whatever is in the storage, we utilize!
Nothing should go to waste.

On average, for every toy we make, a fabric
sheet of 1m x 1m are saved/ recycled.


To break away from traditional crochet toys.

let ourselves free with color selection & design,
the randomness of color & design of the fabrics,
bring the uniqueness into our toys,
not one similar to the next.

To bring more life into our toys,

We create accessories
baseball caps, hand bags, and backpack


Our toys are handcrafted with love and care by crochet communities

On average, each toy takes 8 steps all by
hands to make.

We are very happy to bring
sustainability to the communities.
On this adventure,we feel love
and would like to give back

For every purchased toy,
$1 will be donated to Te Phan Orphanage.